Current Awareness Program
A cooperative project between The Landmark Project &
Education Information Center
Division of Instructional Technology
North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction
Copyright (c) 2000 by David Warlick

Current Awareness is a monthly bibliography of the most recent educational literature from an extensive collection of journals. This service is provided to you by the Division of Instructional Technology, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction in partnership with The Landmark Project.

Current Awareness has identified over 200 education and technology related topics of interest to educators. Each month staff with the Department's Education Information Center reviews newly arived journals and other materials, matching articles with education and technology topics. These topics are linked to short citations for the articles so that educators can easily find the information on their topic of interest.

As you find citations that interest you, contact either your school system's professional library or local community college/university library for the full text of the article.

History The Current Awareness Program was instituted nearly ten years ago by the by forward thinking members of the Division of Instructional Technology at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. It was a paper-based service that helped keep agency employees abreast of issues related to their jobs and services. With the establishment of the Department's web site, The InfoWeb, this service was extended to the Internet for use by North Carolina Educators.

As a result of downsizing, the Current Awareness web page was not updated after July, 1995. A proposal from The Landmark Project in January of the next year brought the project back to life with a partnership between the Division of Instructional Technology and The Landmark Project. Education Information Center staff continues to catalog journal articles and papers and forwards the computer files to The Landmark Project where the data is coded and installed on the Web, both on the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction's InfoWeb, and on Landmarks for Schools, an education service of The Landmark Project.

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