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The Web has changed dramatically since Landmarks for Schools was launched in 1995. At that time, virtually all of its content was published by organizations. Today, an increasing portion of the Web-based information that people are using is published by individuals. We are not only consuming information, but also sharing knowledge and ideas that we care about. Below, I have installed a number of widgets that serve to mine this new social web and provide glimpses at the global conversation -- as of this minute.

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My Books

Through my books, I try to provide a mix of vision (a new story about teaching, learning, and schooling in the 21st century) and practical techniques for helping learners. The methodology is to learn by working the content -- becoming information artisans. The first book, Raw Materials for the Mind (4th ed), is a self-published exploration of technology integration issues, focused collaboration, digital content, and communication. My second book, Redefining Literacy 2.0 (2nd ed), was published by Linworth Publishing and it examines our notions about literacy within the context of a networked, digital, and info-abundant environment. My latest book, Classroom Blogging (2nd ed), was written not only to acquaint educators with the instructional potentials of blogging, but to help them understand the broader social information environment, which is still emerging.