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One of the most important lessons that we can teach our students about Net-based information is the concept that information is property. It results from hard work and remains the property of its creator unless otherwise clearly indicated.

Most web authors are eager to have teachers use information from their web sites in the classroom. They are just as willing to have students use web information for their various reports. It is critical, however, that permission be gained from the owner of the information, and that the permission be documented.

Simply fill in the form to the right such that it carries the sense of the message text. When you click the Process Message button, you will be able to read and edit the entire message with your information inserted into the appropriate places. After reading and editing the message, you can click Send, and the message will automatically be sent to the web master or author.

Permission Templates

;-) [Author's e-mail]
[Your e-mail]
Dear ,
[name of author or web master]
I am a at in
[Your Position] [Your Place of Work]
.  In preparation for a lesson on   ,
[Your Location] [Topic of Your Lesson]
I discovered your web site, . Some of the material on your

[Title of Web Page]

site would be helpful to my students. I would like to copy/download
so that I can use them in my lesson.

[Describe Images or Text to be Used]

I will use the material only for the duration of the lesson and will include
credit to you as the source of the materials. Would you grant me
permission to use your material for my class or help me contact the
appropriate person(s) for gaining this permission?
THANK YOU for this valuable contribution to the Internet.

[Your Name]

v: 919-571-3292
f: 919-571-2760

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