Raw Materials for the Mind:
Teaching & Learning in Information & Technology Rich Schools

3rd Edition

by David F. Warlick
Published by The Landmark Project
Raleigh, North Carolina

ISBN#: 0-9667432-0-2

$24.00 US
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2002 by David F. Warlick

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bullet.jpg (822 bytes) There are no magic buttons on the Internet.  Make yourself a detective, investigating a digital universe.  Find the best information and especially those unexpected gems.
bullet.jpg (822 bytes) There are lots of reasons why the Internet is rapidly becoming our preferred source for information.   But for schools, there is an even more compelling reason...
bullet.jpg (822 bytes) How do you focus your investigative techniques to evaluate the information you have found?
bullet.jpg (822 bytes) Why is the Internet a more important resource for teachers than for students?
bullet.jpg (822 bytes) Is your school or school district's web page important to you, and how can you make it "...work for you?"



David Warlick has been a classroom teacher, central office administrator and educational technology specialist with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.  He combines these experiences with an unusual knack for technology and its application to penetrate right through to what is important to know and understand about using computers, software, and the Internet -- to amplify teaching and learning.  David speaks and conducts workshops around the world, but spends his best time with his wife and two children in Raleigh, North Carolina.

David is also the author and webmaster of Landmarks for Schools, a website that supports many of the ideas expressed in Raw Materials for the Mind