The Band

The Reunion Band

Certainly one of the highlights of being a teenager in in Cherryville in the '60s and '70s were the many dances -- and DJs? Who needed DJs when there were so many muscians around who loved to PLAY!

For the August 10 reunion, many of those musicians will be returning for another gig. Playing in bands thirty years ago in bands like The Shakers, Cherry Soul, Moose, Libery Ark, and Three Guys and a Fifth, they are returning with their canes and Stratacasters to entertain you once again.

Among the band members will be:

InstrumentGraduation Year

Stan Alan Guitar 1970
Beverly Bridges Vocals 1970
Rodney Bridges Drums 1971
Bill Cooke Guitar 1971
Arnold Davis Saxophone Some time in the '60s
Roger Holifield Vocals Some time in the '60s
Darrell Howell Guitar 1969
Garry Howell Bass 1971
Cindy McNeil Vocals 1970
Roger Shull Vocals 1971
David Warlick Keyboard 1970

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